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New Live Video, Bonus Track EP Released, Plus New Merchandise Released

Uncle Greedys October Info Update

Welcome to the new info post from myself.

As usual I’ve been busy with various bit and pieces. So here goes….

New Live & Acoustified EP Vol 2 is  Out now on Bandcamp and SoundCloud with additional bonus tracks!!

As I’ve previously mentioned the new live EP is out now on all platforms via the links below.

However you can also download and purchase a deluxe bonus version exclusively from my Bandcamp page via

SoundCloud page via and for all other streaming platforms.

‘The River Runs Through’ live music video out now

New music video is out on my YouTube channel via so hopefully you will have the chance to view it and enjoy the fully acoustic version that was recorded at Hulu & Co studios in Brighton during 2022. recorded this day and I’m pleased that I can finally release it.

Uncle Greedy Official Merchandise Store

Brand merchandise is available still from my Bandcamp site via

CD’s, Download and other merchandise is available to purchase so why not treat yourself to something stylish to add to your wardrobe and music collection.

For all the latest updates on Uncle Greedy’s music, gig dates, Videos and all other great stuff you may have missed, head to

That’s all for now, thanks as always for your support and see you on the road x

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