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Live Music News & Releases

Hi and welcome to the 1st blog on the new website. It’s been an exciting time planning all the new upcoming bits in Uncle Greedys world and I’m pleased to be sharing them with you over the coming weeks so stay tuned to the website and social media channels.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be playing this years Bside& Beer Fest which will be held at The Pilgrim Brewery, Reigate, Surrey during the August bank holiday weekend.

For those of you that came last year when I played with a full band, it was at Wimbledon Brewery. So due to that success it’s great that it’s continuing to this year as well!!

This year I will be playing solo, performing originals and covers on guitar and piano.

Keep an eye on this website and my social channels for updates and ticket links!!

It’s gonna be awesome.

New live EP and live videos on their way!!

Out 1st May will be the new live EP out on all streaming services.

During the last year or so I have compiled some songs that have amounted to an EP

The songs will be released in 2 volumes, the 2nd being released later in the year.

Over the coming weeks there will be some live videos released to accompany the live EP’s which I’m super excited to be showing you. These will be exclusive to my YouTube channel.

You can access the forth coming releases here as well as all previous releases, and all exclusive content, as well as official merchandise.

That’s enough for now, stay tuned and I will see you on the road.

UG x

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